Widetronix is commercializing betavoltaic enabled sensor platforms as well as betavoltaic devices for integration as a stand-alone power source. Our engineering team has developed sensor platforms that have the ability to take measurements and wirelessly transmit small data packets.

To take advantage of betavoltaics small form factor, reliability, and lifetime, Widetronix is focusing on applications in defense and medical implant sectors. Our team is also investigating sensor applications in industrial infrastructure and monitoring. Contact us if you would like to discuss these opportunities and custom applications of betavoltaics.  



Widetronix recently received funding from the U.S. Department of Defense to commercialize its betavoltaic battery and integrate this technology into ultra-low power sensors. Initial applications include asset tracking, equipment monitoring and protecting sensitive data stored in electronic equipment. The market driver is provide more than 25 years of lifetime unaffected by harsh environmental conditions. Widetronix is actively working with prime contractors on technology integration. Prototype systems will be available for sale to qualified customers for defense and security applications in 4Q 2012.



Widetronix has collaborations with partners in the medical implant sector to develop a small, energy dense version of its betavoltaic for physiological monitoring and, eventually, therapeutic applications. This new version of the Widetronix betavoltaic battery is currently in development and it will offer a power density of between 1 to 10 µW/cm2 upon completion in 2013.



Industrial & Infrastructure  

Industrial processes often require robust control sensors that are able to operate under harsh environmental conditions. Oil and chemical production, shipping, and building/road infrastructure offer market growth for betavoltaic enabled sensors. Betavoltaics offer a reliable power source, preventing system failures, while reducing operational costs associated with battery replacement (labor and materials). Widetronix believes its technology will enhance smart infrastructure, providing a robust and reliable backbone for communicating the health of equipment, infrastructure, and the location of assets.